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offline courses

Morning and evening courses

twice a week, 90 minutes each

You want to learn German quickly and effectively and at the same time stay flexible in terms of time? Book this course and participate in a 90-minute session twice a week. Maximal attention is given to our participants in small groups as we focus on the individual’s needs. PLUS: We guarantee you the completion of a language level within the stated period! If not, you get the additionally required teaching units for free!

Our courses and tariffs

A1.1 (8 Wochen) = 380 €*
A1.2 (8 Wochen) = 380 €*
A2.1 (10 Wochen) = 500 €*
A2.2 (10 Wochen) = 500 €*
B1.1 (10 Wochen) = 500 €*
B1.2 (10 Wochen) = 500 €*
B2.1 (10 Wochen) = 500 €*
B2.2 (10 Wochen) = 500 €*/**

* plus, one-time registration fee (20€) and costs for the textbook
**Same prices apply to C1-C2 courses

Check out our exam preparation courses!

Vormittags-und Abendkurse

Courses for students

once a week, 90 minutes each
Deutsch lernen für Schüler

Does your child attend a local german school or go to an international school? Whether German as foreign language at the international school or grammar, spelling and German essays at the local german school – our professionally trained teachers will work with your children to improve their writing and language skills.

A1-C2: 4 weeks = 250€ per participant (2 participants)*
A1-C2: 4 weeks = 150€ per participant (3-5 participants)*

*plus, one-time registration fee (20€) and costs for the textbook

Individual course

completly indivual

Our one-to-one course is tailored to your individual needs. We support you so that you can achieve your language goals in German according to your personal pace of learning. And best of all: we follow your appointment calendar!

1x 90min (A1 – B1) = 90 €*
1x 90min (B2 – C2) = 100 € (regular text corrections included) *

*plus, one-time registration fee (20€) and costs for the textbook


Exam preparation course

Twice a week, 90 minutes each

We prepare you in small groups maximally effective for each language certificate. Step by step we work our way through each exam part together (reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking). You will also receive corrections to your writing assignments with systematic improvement tips. Plus, you get an exclusive 30-minute one-on-one session preparing for the “Speaking” part of the exam.

PV 5 weeks = 330 € per participant*/**

*plus, one-time registration fee (20€) and costs for the textbook
**280 € for MainDeutsch course participants who already have at least attended one course at Maindeutsch.